Bill Robertazzi, founder of the Human42, brings a unique perspective and balance of life experiences to this endeavor, spending time in multiple worlds and in many roles over the years. 

Throughout his career, first as a technologist during the early days of the internet, then as a senior leader at an international philanthropy, and now as an entrepreneur, coach and consultant, Bill has been drawn to the human side of technology and realized his passion rests in working directly with people. This led him to found Human42, where he helps people balance life's expectations, responsibilities, and pressures, with their creativity, passions and dreams.

Along with his work with private clients, Bill currently consults with the Technology Affinity Group (TAG) as Program Director of their Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI) and as a senior advisor to the CEO of a large private foundation on matters related to information technology management.

Prior to Human42, Bill served as Director of Information Technology and Operations at The Atlantic Philanthropies, an international foundation dedicated to social good and giving while living.  For over nineteen years Bill led teams of professionals and managed Atlantic’s information technology endeavors in support of its mission.  He was a part of its transformation from its initial anonymous donor phase, through its growth period and its planned spend down in accordance with its founder’s “Giving While Living” philosophy.  Recently, Atlantic made its final grant, capping off investments of approximately eight billion dollars, in nine countries, for social good. In 2017, Bill completed his transition from Atlantic to Human42 full time.

Prior to joining Atlantic, Bill was Principal of his own technology consulting firm, Robertazzi & Associates, where he advised a wide variety of clients on network and system integration projects.

When not working, Bill spends time with his partner and his three adult sons.  As well, he gains inspiration from the growing community of friends, artists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, creatives and healers, which he is part of.

Bill studied electro-mechanical engineering at the City University of New York, and is a New York University Certified Coach, as well as a Birkman Certified Consultant.

email: bill @ human42 dot com