As I sat on the floor of the Lynx Lodge at Tonkiri, nestled in a whispering forest in a remote part of Canada, I couldn’t escape the feeling I was in someone else’s dream. The construction of the lodge, a big attractive structure with high ceilings and large windows looking out into the forest, had just been completed.  I was visiting for the week, for vacation, to rest and see friends, for reflection and healing and to soak up the peace that comes with spending time in nature.

A dozen or so people were in the lodge as well, taking part in a plant medicine ceremony.  As improbable as my participation, in particular my singing, felt to me, the fact that the place even existed pushed me out of my pragmatist comfort zone.  This retreat center was my friend Jim’s dream and it was becoming a reality.  It was a vision he had for years, to connect indigenous communities from different parts of the world together, to offer healing to people in need and to ultimately bring peace to the world.  It was a vision I supported wholeheartedly, but my inner common-sense compass was also quick to recognize all the challenges he faced.

Jim, harvesting plants from which to make medicine with.

Jim, harvesting plants from which to make medicine with.

This experience had me thinking about the wide range of lenses we see our lives and the world through.  There are the dreamers and visionaries, whose faith drives them forward.  Then there are the pragmatists, who might take a more cautious approach to change and progress.  And finally, there are the folks who get stopped by self-limiting beliefs, who can only see false horizons, ceilings to their own happiness and all the reasons something cannot work out.  All of us have these different lenses and see the world through varying combinations of them.

Personally, I am very much the optimist, but can also be fairly pragmatic.  It might be why I like to spend so much time with dreamers and visionaries, as they inspire me.  It also might be why I enjoy coaching people with those qualities, I get to spend time in their dreams, watching them come true.

How about you?  Where do you fall along these lines?  Who helps you push past your limiting beliefs to achieve your vision?  Who acts as a sounding board when your vision isn’t clear?

As always, thanks for reading - Bill