Create Warmth When the World Gets Cold

Next week I am heading to Chicago to visit a client and catch up with a few friends.  Since I booked the trip I find myself nervously checking the weather app on my phone, seeing the frigid temperatures and almost feeling the cold before I get there.

Being a native New Yorker, I am used to cold winters – but something about the extreme cold scares me.  It’s all relative I guess.  It's the similar chilling apprehension I get when my friends in Winnipeg invite me to visit them in the winter, with their 20 degree below days and nights.  They reassure me it will be great, because they are really good at creating warmth.  I received a similar promise from my friend in Chicago, the promise of a fireplace to catch-up by.

I like the idea of creating warmth, not just during winter or the holiday season, but always, particularly now with the world feeling for many like it is speeding up into an ever more uncertain place.  Creating warmth is needed, literally and figuratively, in the spaces we occupy and in our hearts for others.

With that in mind I want to wish you all a happy holiday season and a beautiful new year!

Much love,