Why human?

Toward the end of my studies in New York University’s coaching program, I was contemplating names for my business.  As the class discussed who they would be marketing their coaching practices to, the professor said something which made me think.  She said, “at the end of the day, all the people we are trying to work with are human.”

I began this practice because I want to help people, and believe I can. 

Concepts such as human nature and the human experience have always interested me.  When I tell stories about growing up, a working class kid from New York, I often tell stories of my father, how he would come home from a long day's work, driving a delivery truck around Harlem, and hold court at the dinner table, beginning stories with the line, “ya wanna hear a human interest story …”  

That interest in people and what makes them tick was definitely passed down to me.  I see myself as a student of human nature.  Always curious about people, their relationships and the inter-relationship with the world we live in.  I've had a long successful career as a leader in the technology and non-profit fields, and in both areas I was most drawn to the human side of my work, which fortunately played to my strengths.

Like any business, there is a target group of people I will want to work with, and there are groups of people who will be attracted to me and what I have to offer, but I like the idea we are all connected by the human experience and interested in working together. 

so, why 42?