Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

When I launched Human42 a few years ago, I recall talking to a friend of mine, who happens to be a rockstar/creative/philosopher, with a sharp intellect and wide range of interests.  One of them happens to be the occult.  In seeing my logo and discussing what it meant to me, he commented, “It looks like a sigil.”

I had never heard of a sigil before - which is why I like having friends who are rockstar/creative/philosophers, because you never know what you will learn from them next.

“A sigil (from Latin sigillum "seal") is a symbol used in magic. The term has usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of a demon or other entity; in modern usage, especially in the context of chaos magic, it refers to a symbolic representation of the magician's desired outcome.” – Wikipedia

The Human42 logo is based on the alchemical symbol for the planet Jupiter, with a human face blended in.

When people see the Jupiter symbol, they often see the number 24, which is the mirror opposite of 42. I like that.  If you look at the Jupiter symbol with a slightly different perspective, it is not hard to see it as 42 though.

That change in perspective, or looking in the mirror, is a lot like what happens in a coaching engagement.  A good coach can help you see yourself and your situation in a different way, via a different perspective, but one that is still yours.

And when you change your perspective, you change your reality, which changes everything.

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Thanks for reading!! - Bill