In my posts about naming my company Human42 (Why Human? and Why 42?), I hint at the reasons I coach and why I believe in the process.   I will be more specific regarding why it works, how I can help and why you might be interested in working with me.

I focus my work on three groups of people in areas both professional and personal.

Technical Leaders: Having spent twenty-plus years either on technical teams or managing them, I have great respect for, and rapport with, technical people.  I help people with deep technical knowledge, be it in IT, finance, or other fields improve their inter-personal, business and management skills, and ability to navigate their organizations, ultimately making them more effective.

Mid-life Mid-Career People: Having gone through my own course correction a few years ago, I am interested in helping people who have had success by some definition, but have a nagging feeling there is more to life, and want to experience it.

Cultural Creatives: I am part of a community of people who inspire me on a daily basis. They are artists, healers, philosophers, engineers and creatives. They have passion, creativity and knowledge. I want to help them succeed.

Coaching works because it provides greater focus and awareness of choice, moving you forward faster.  It concentrates on where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow, and what you are willing to do to get there.   Along with my training in this process I bring a balance of life experiences to the engagement; from my career, relationships, successes and failures, and my own self-inquiry.  Most importantly though, I have a genuine interest in helping you create the life you desire. 

I've supported and helped many people throughout my life.  I'd be happy for the opportunity to discuss any and all of this further with you.  Click here to start the conversation.