Have you had success, but suspect there is a different bottom line?

Human42's goal is to help bridge the two worlds many of us are trying to balance. The first world, the default world, is defined by the mainstream narrative of careers, relationships, and responsibilities. This story of expectations and pressures is co-written by others and ourselves. The second world is defined by our passions and dreams as well as adventures experienced on the road less traveled. It's about finding balance, joy and life's meaning.

Or maybe, you're a creative, an artist, a maker, a healer, or a philosopher and need assistance focusing your passion.

Human42 helps  ...

Technical Leaders sharpen their inter-personal, business and management skills, and ability to navigate their organizations, ultimately making them more effective.

Mid-Life, Mid-Career people who have had success, but have a nagging feeling there is more to life and want to experience it.

Cultural Creatives organize their passion and efforts so they may achieve their goals.

If any of the above resonates with you,  click here to start the conversation.