"My initial expectations were more than fulfilled. Bill completely understood different issues by great listening and helped to solve them, set realistic milestones for the project and gave advice from his broad long-term experience. He also had the most important key idea for the whole project. It takes 2 humans 4 this kind of progress! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - J.J. (artist/entrepreneur)

"In a moment of clarity I realized that I wanted to achieve more in my life both personally and professionally. On my own, I had invested time, energy and effort to improve my performance, gain recognition and find a balance between work and life, but what I lacked was the confidence and focus to get to the next level. Bill helped me to trust and believe in my abilities, while providing clarity on how to focus my efforts. Bill was a patient listener and took the time to understand the challenges undermining my efforts. Thanks to his guidance I feel better equipped to see and navigate the road ahead." - J.B.  (Information Technology Architect at a large non-profit organization)

"I was facing a big decision involving both my career and family.  Bill had a nice energy and smooth approach that made me comfortable disclosing information about my life to him.  He never directed my decision.  I always retained ownership of my future.  He helped me find the right path forward to a solution.” - M.D.  (CFO at an international retail chain)

"When I told people about my desire to change careers, I received lots of unsolicited advice about what I should do and even how I should feel. The words came from a good place. They were tokens of love and support. But much of the advice I received provided little solace. Although I left these conversations with plenty of words of wisdom, few of them resonated with me because they didn’t speak to my specific needs and wants. Bill was different. He listened to what I needed and wanted, guiding me gently as I navigated through thoughts that were often opaque. With Bill’s support, I have a clearer understanding of what matters most to me and how to translate this knowledge into a viable career." - D.P. (University Professor)

"I found Bill to be a knowledgeable professional with an extensive management and technology background.  He was dedicated to the coaching process and was open to my needs and direction.  I would engage Bill again in the future." - V.T. (Systems Architect at global philanthropy)